Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hello Everyone :)

Swayze doglett here. I'm sorry it has been a few weeks since I said hello, we have been busy and stuff. My Momma has been putting her new business plans together some more and my Dad has been doing lots of work too.

My Mom says that they have to be very careful with me around, as I likes to eats EVERYTHING that is small. They can't leave anything around. We have had two accidents in the last couple of weeks though. Mom and Dad were feeling very guilty, which made me feel guilty for eating/trying to eat things I should not.Last week, I nearly choked to death on a sandwich bag tie. My Mom does not even know where I got it from. She see'd me chewin something and opened my mouth. She got the tie off me BUT I think I had managed to swallow a teeny bit, because I started choking. My tongue was going purple and I lay down. My Momma was rushing me to the vets, but we managed to dislodge the bit and I was ok in a few seconds. This really upset my Momma though :(

THEN, on Friday night, my Dad was in BIG trouble with my Momma. He left me outside in the garden on my own for around 10 minutes. He thought I was back in the house, so he closed the door. I was actually consuming the birds tray of sunflower seeds!!!! Dad realised I was not in the house, so he came and found me. I seemed ok, so they watched me. Then, on Saturday morning, my Mom could see I was not ok. I could not get comfortable, so she carried me outside and I started to pass the seeds. They really hurt and I cried out loud! My Mom and Dad then rushed me to the emergency vets and got me sorted out. I was passing lots of sunflower seeds all day. I also had to have some nasty medication, then I had to have it again this morning. My mom was angry with Dad (even though she knows it was a mistake.... he is usually very good at looking after me). I'm feeling a lot better now but Mom is following me around EVERYWHERE! She is even watching me type this!!!! INVASION OF PRIVACY!!!

Not too sure what we are doing today. I'm off to start bugging Mom to play with me......

Here are some new photographs of me :)

Swayze Doglett xx