Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I found a few more photos from my trip!

Hello again everyone!

I managed to find a few more photographs from my camping holiday.
I finked I should show them to all my new friends!
This was the beach and the big blue! The big blue is a bit scary but I liked the little blues that twisted up the beach. I even found little fish in the little blues. I don't think any fish would live in the big blue because they would all be too scared. That's why they were all in the little blue!

Here I am again. You can see those three cliffs behind me. My Mom told me that there might be pirates at the three cliffs at nights and that they would have parrots and they would be selling gold and things. I don't know what gold is but it must be something bad if they have to sell it in the night! I watched the three cliffs at night from the tent and I didn't see thems pirates! I think that my Mom was telling tales again!!

Here is me and my Dad running on the beach. He can't catch me! I'm too fastest! My Mom doesn't run with me though because it makes her run out of airs because she has axsthma.

Here is me back at home in my garden.My garden has lots of green and my holiday has lots of blue. That's how you tell the difference. My football is purple though!

Love from Salty Swayze xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

My Camping Trip

Hello everyone, this is Swayze here. I'm back from my camping holiday with my humans. We had a lovely time. I did EVERYTHING. I went on the beach, which was nice until I got too close to the big blue because the wind got strong and started blowing the sand in my face. I then had to tap Mom's legs so she would pick me up.
I went shopping to a town called the Mumbles! I met an old lady who had been doing her shopping. I tried to jump onto her knees on the bench but Mom stopped me. The lady said that I was a special kind of dog!! We already know that though. I'm very special!
I chose a new t-shirt from the Mumbles. I got to wear all my new beach t-shirts. Everyone was scared of me when I wore my 'Zombie Raptor' shirt!! All the kids went running and screaming. I must have looked so big and scary!!!
I put my tent up at the top of the hill, which made everyone know that I was the King. During the day, I sat outside my tent and watched people go by. They didn't bow down, but I know they wanted to.
Mom said I smelt even more like a salty dog when we were away. I asked her why and she said it must be to do with walking through the big blue water and something to do with the air getting into my pores!?! Didn't really know what on earth she was talking about but I just nodded along. Can't let her think that she knows more than me!
We went for drives at night, I met horses and barked loudly at them through the car windows!! They look so silly!
I made friends with some sheep that were near the campsite but I think they might speak Spanish or something. I chased some crows..... they don't speak Spanish with the sheep and I doubt they even try. I also made friends with a pheasant which walked past my tent everyday. Mom and Dad were shocked that I liked the pheasant.

I had lots of treats on holiday. I wish that was the same at home!

I tried to push Mom and Dad out of my bed every night but they kept on invading my space! How dare Mom put her face in the same place I want my feets! Its not on!

Anyway, now for the photographs...........

This is me at the top of my hill. Mom says I look a little like a show dog but I'm ignoring that comment... don't want her getting any ideas into that noggin of hers!

Here is my tent. I felt the need to guard it, as we were having troubles with some of the local crows. One morning they even woke my Mom up! I had to go and tell them to jog on!

This was me during a head to head argument with 'Roy' (if that is his real name) one of the crows! It became quite heated but eventually 'Roy' and his cronies got the message.

I love my Mom, she lets me fall to sleep whenever and wherever I want.

This is what I could see from the tent. I went to walk in that big blue thing one day. The yellow stuff is not so nice though. Oh, and there was a stupid herd of cows and a bull on the beach! Mom said I shouldn't feel bad that I did not understand them.... she says they speak Mexican! I don't know what Mexican is but they sounded really silly!

I liked looking at the big blue. Mom said it made me a proper salty dog! I like it when Mom calls me a salty dog because it makes her smile!

This is my Mom and Dad. Mom is on the left and Dad is on the right.

Mom had to carry me across these stepping stones, as I couldn't make it on my own. It was a bit scary. I nearly fell in with all that green slimy seaweed! Mom said 'a little bit o' seaweed never hurt anyone'.... WELL Mother, I beg to differ, I nearly slipped and died on it!!!

Those stupid Mexican cows!!!

Salty me and salty Mom!

This is the t-shirt I spent my pocket money on in the Mumbles! Mom says thats a scary Welsh dragon on the front...... I think she's a bit of a wimp because he isn't scary at all. Bring on all those Welsh dragons! Welsh Smelsh!! I like my new T-shirt though.

Thankyou for reading my salty bloglett.

Swayze Doglett.