Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I found a few more photos from my trip!

Hello again everyone!

I managed to find a few more photographs from my camping holiday.
I finked I should show them to all my new friends!
This was the beach and the big blue! The big blue is a bit scary but I liked the little blues that twisted up the beach. I even found little fish in the little blues. I don't think any fish would live in the big blue because they would all be too scared. That's why they were all in the little blue!

Here I am again. You can see those three cliffs behind me. My Mom told me that there might be pirates at the three cliffs at nights and that they would have parrots and they would be selling gold and things. I don't know what gold is but it must be something bad if they have to sell it in the night! I watched the three cliffs at night from the tent and I didn't see thems pirates! I think that my Mom was telling tales again!!

Here is me and my Dad running on the beach. He can't catch me! I'm too fastest! My Mom doesn't run with me though because it makes her run out of airs because she has axsthma.

Here is me back at home in my garden.My garden has lots of green and my holiday has lots of blue. That's how you tell the difference. My football is purple though!

Love from Salty Swayze xx


  1. I would love to visit that big blue! It looks like just the best time! Your green yard is nice, too, though!


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  2. Thanks Bunny! I love my green garden. Have you seen the big blue? This was the first time I had seen it.


  3. What a nice holiday that must have been, especially with a Dad to go running with and such like that. Your yard looks like a lovely place to relax on a nice afternoon. In those photos you kind of bring to mind a much younger Goldie Hawn, but I bet you hear that from everydog.

    wags, Lola