Sunday, 27 June 2010


So, Thursday was Mom's birthday and we had lots of fun :) Its funny because Mom has presents for me for HER birthday. Hehe.
Yesterday we played in the garden LOTS!

Today we went for one of our long countryside walks. We stopped by the big ponds and looked at the ducks. Some ducks and their babies came right over to me!! Then we stopped by the cress pools to look for pond life. I don't like the water at the cress ponds very much but Mom likes to stop by them as she says they smell like the sea. Hmmm... Mom says I smell like the sea too but I think I smell better than the cress pools.
We then went back to the car which was parked under the trees, so it was nice and cool. We opened the doors, put my water bowl out and we relaxed for about half an hour. I fell asleep on Mom who was eating an ice lolly. I then got a few crusts of bread with gravy on them, as Dad was eating a hot pork sandwich. Yum!
On the way home, I sat on Moms knee and she held me tight and I put my nose out of the window :)

When we got back home, Mom went out shopping :(
When she got back she had holiday clothes for all three of us. Dad got tshirts and trousers, Mom got trousers/shorts, tshirts and a bikini!! MOST IMPORTANTLY..... I got a white tshirt with a blue shark on it (Mom needs to 'take in' this one a little), and I also got a white vest with a crab on the front! I like my new holiday clothes :)

Swayze xxx

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  1. Hello,

    I noticed you are now following my blog. I thank you very much and I will be following yours as well. I'm very excited to have a Chinese Crested furiend and look forward to following your doings.

    wags, Lola