Sunday, 20 June 2010

Some Photographs of Me.

This is me in my kitchen. Mom always asks me to pose, so I do my best. Its hard work though. Afterwards to do get a treat.

Playing in the garden. I have a lovely garden, which I share with my Rabbit and Guinea Pig sisters and brothers. I like to zoom around the garden as fast as I can. I also like to chase the birds (although my Mom tells me this is naughty!?!).

Sometimes Mom gets bored, so my hair gets plaited!! Sometimes I think she forgets I'm a BOY! I don't mind though, as the attention makes me fall to sleep.

I have lots of friends at the Chinese Crested Crush dog forum. They even included me in their January 2010 collage!
You can see me in the bottom left corner.
That was on one of my walks in the snow. I liked trying to eat the snow (but Mom said that this was also naughty!!) - when we got in from the snow, Mom would warm up my cold little feets, then I would eat my breakfast or dinner.

Here is Me in my garden. I am modelling my first K9 Closet collar. Its a 'Smoothie Tag Collar' - My name and mobile number is embroidered on it in white. Its soooo soft around my delicate neck.

All of these photos have been taken within the last 6 months, some are newer than others. Mom said it would be a good idea to post some, so that people know who I am.

I shall speak to you all soon.

Swayze Doglett.

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  1. Swayze Doglett - You are too cute! You should totally go over to Frankie Furter's blog and do the name game thing - bet you have a cool story! Check it out here -
    If you don't know about it already, come join everyone on the Saturday Blog hop (we have a button on our blog) and meet lots of new friends!
    BTW, our Mom loves How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days mainly because of the Chinese Crested!

    See ya!
    The Road Dogs