Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hello everyone!
My name is Swayze. You can read a little about me in my profile. I live in the UK with my Mom and Dad and my rabbit and guinea pig brothers and sisters. Me and my family have decided that I would start off my own blog and gain and more friends. I would like my friends to know all about my adventures.

My Mom is called Abi and she loves me (and Dad). She feeds me, walks me, picks out my clothes when its cold, she bathes me, gives me treats, buys me things, makes me collars. She loves animals, photography, reading, seeing friends and family. She also takes lots of courses, she has just taken an exam and finished one course, now she has started a Dog Grooming course.

My Dad is called Joe. He loves me too (and Mom). He feeds me treats, takes me in the garden during the day. He runs around with me (Mom can't run too fast as she has asthma) :( Dad works at home, so at about 4pm I am bored of him, so I curl up on the sofa in the front room and wait for Mom to get home from work.... then I zoom around her.

We are all going on holiday in a few weeks. We are going camping for a whole week. Mom says I can't wee in the tent!! Whats the tent? We will be going to the beach and all sorts. Ive never seen the Sea, but Mom says I smell like the Sea, so maybe I will like it :)

Anyway, Mom says that this is just supposed to be a little 'hello' blog, as we will be using this blog alot from now on.

Hope to make lots of friends.

Bye for now.

Swayze Doglett.


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